October 3rd – Extravagant Generosity Daily Devotion

Day 2 – Building Nests
And the things you have prepared, whose will they be? Luke 12: 20

The notion of building nests is often used as a metaphor to describe people successfully providing
for their own comforts. If someone arrives at a career position of some ease and security, friends
say, “You’ve built yourself quite a nest for yourself here!” When we are comfortable, secure, and
feel at home in our workplace or living area, we talk about the space being “our own little nest.”
The word nest often connotes shelter, coziness, homelike, comfortable. Consider “nests” we build
in our churches. The buildings, programs, ministries, job descriptions,and services we build—are
they for our own comfort and coziness? Or are they to further the faith and provide for future
generations? Does our giving serve us and our needs or serve God by serving the mission of the
church to reach new people? Vibrant, fruitful congregations focus as much energy, prayer, and
planning on those who are outside the congregation as they do on those who are already active in
the congregation. When they initiate new Bible studies, outreach ministries, or worship services,
they give less emphasis to “what do I want, prefer, or find convenient” and place more weight on
“what will feed the souls, nourish the spirits, and sustain the steps” of those outside the church or
new to the faith. Those new to the faith require a steady and dedicated effort of feeding. And the
budding faith of young people requires our committed attention; extra care; overtime in planning,
teaching, encouraging, generosity, mentoring, and support.

– What motivates you to support the ministries of your congregation? How does your
focus on generosity and level of giving support the mission of reaching other people
with the grace of God you have received?