October 4 – Extravagant Generosity Daily Devotion

Day 3 – Seeds with Wings
A sower went out to sow his seed . . . Luke 8:5
Jesus tells about a sower who goes out to sow, scattering seeds left and right, near and far. He
tells the parable to remind us of the way our faithful efforts make a difference in the lives of
others around us. We are like trees whose seeds fall directly to the ground beneath their own
branches and under their own shade. We naturally have the greatest impact upon those closest at
hand, our families, spouses, children, and grandchildren. We bear much fruit this way, but in a
narrow and limited field. The branches of trees that drop their seeds directly beneath them protect
their seedlings, filter sunlight for their good, and provide fallen leaves to nurture them. Among
the most important seeds we sow are the grace and love of God we offer within our own families
and among our own kindred. This is our calling. Each of us has another and larger calling as well,
and that is to give our seeds wings so that the good we do and the difference we make extend
beyond our sight and beyond our time. Each of us has been formed by the influences of countless
people—friends, coworkers, mentors, teachers, coaches, neighbors, pastors, youth sponsors, scout
leaders, colleagues, confidants—who have contributed far beyond their own small circles.
Through their generosity, time, effort, and love, they have changed us, and changed the world, by
intentionally providing a legacy that extends far and wide.
– Think of two or three of the most influential people informing your own soul and
character other than your relatives. What made them effective? What can you
learn from their generosity and the legacy they have left for others?

– Where in the world beyond your own church and home are their signs of your
congregation’s ministry? Of your own?