Sunday December 16 – Third Sunday of Advent

Hark the Glad Sound! (Verse 4) “Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace, your welcome shall proclaim,
and heav’n’s eternal arches ring with your beloved name.”

Advent has much in common with Lent. If you have followed the Advent texts these past couple
of weeks, you have probably noticed they are replete with judgment and calls for repentance. Yet these calls are rooted in promise and hope. God has won the victory over disaster and destruction. The Holy One now lives in our midst. The Prince of Peace has come and will continue to come into our lives, giving us the peace that surpasses all understanding. The Lord now sings along in  response to our songs of praise. Eternal arches ring with a welcome that resounds not only in the heavens but also in every aspect of our mundane lives. Thus, we draw on inexhaustible wells of salvation. We can call on Jesus’ name and expect that the Messiah’s love will so permeate and renew our lives that it spills over into the communities we inhabit.

O Jesus, our Prince of Peace, we welcome you into our lives. We shout and sing your praises with glad hosannas! May your love so renew and permeate our lives that it spills over into the communities we inhabit. Amen.

Advent Photo Challenge:  Take a picture each day during Advent and share on your social media platform of choice with #stpauladvent
Today’s picture inspiration: Love