Anti-Racism Challenge

Today’s Anti-Racism Challenge

We encourage you to to work through these resources today.  Take time each day to engage in the resources; take notes, write down how they make you feel, and reflect on what next steps you are compelled to do. Finish by praying for the topic listed below.

  1. Hip hop, grit, and academic success
  2. Things to pay attention to this week
    1. What is the racial mix of the main characters in your favorite TV shows? Movies?
    2. What is the racial mix of people pictured in the photos and artwork in your home? In your friend, family, and colleagues’ homes?
    3. Who is filling what kinds of jobs/social roles in your world? (e.g. Who’s the store manager and who’s stocking the shelves? Who’s waiting on tables and who’s busing the food?) Can you correlate any of this to racial identity
  3. Pray for those who are in need of affordable healthcare –  the uninsured rate for African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans is more than one and a half times the rate for white Americans.