Together for Joy

When the Psalmist imagined the world giving praise to God, she imagined each thing praising in its own way. The sea roaring, the earth breaking out into harmony, the waves of the ocean clapping against the shore. Each thing does what it does, in its own way, to praise God.

And the people? The people do what people do. They raise their voices in song, they make music with harps and horns.

But of course that’s not all people do to praise their Creator. We don’t just make music for God, we imitate God as well. And for Christians, the thing that God is best known for is love, a love that pours itself out in generosity and grace. There are lots of ways to imitate God in that, and one of them is upon us now.

We have been asking you to prayerfully ask what God’s hopes are for your 2021 giving, to ask God to make you part of this church’s great outpouring of generosity. We invite you to fill out your commitment card virtually here.

Great One, for you the floods clap, for you the hills sing. You know my situation better than anyone. Take my credits and debits, ins and outs, my pluses and minuses, surpluses and lacks, and show me how to use them to join the great chorus of Creation. Amen

The ocean roars, the floods clap, the hills sing – and the people pour themselves out in praise.