In-Person Worship

Safety Measures are in place! It’s time to gather, worship God, support one another, and grow our faith – together!

Starting on August 1st, we will worship together in the St. Paul UMC Sanctuary!

In-Person Worship FAQ

  • Where will we be worshipping?
    • In the St. Paul UMC Sanctuary at 501 Grant St. SE Atlanta, Ga 30312
  • What time is worship?
    • Worship will be at 11am
  • Are we wearing masks?
    • Yes. Everyone 2 years old and up are asked to wear a mask while in the building.
  • Why do I have to wear a mask?
    • In order to keep everyone in our congregation safe, including our unvaccinated children, we will all wear masks. Additionally wearing masks allows us to be able to sing together more safely.
  • Will there be childcare available?
    • Yes! Our nursery will be available for children ages birth through kindergarten. Children’s church is available for children through third grade. There will also be activity pads available for children who wish to stay with their parents in the sanctuary, and we have our St. Paul Prayground at the back of the sanctuary for children who would rather quietly play in the worship space. All of our childcare providers are vaccinated.
  • Will we be able to sing?
    • Yes! As long as everyone wears their masks we will be able to sing.
  • What can I expect when I arrive for worship?
    • The Spirit of God in this place! Also as you enter you will be greeted with a smile by an usher who will give you a bulletin, a mask if you forgot yours, Communion elements if it is a Communion Sunday, a red, yellow, or green wristband to signal your level of comfort, and a hand sanitizing station. Our ushers will also be keeping as good of records as we can of who is present for the sake of contract tracing.
  • What do the wristbands mean?
    • When you enter we will have red, yellow, and green wristbands. We invite you to take one of them. A green wristband signifys to others that you welcome a high level of interaction including handshakes, high fives, and hugs. A yellow wristband signifys that while you are happy to be here you would prefer to catch up with a little space between you. And a red wristband signifys that you would prefer to keep 6ft distance between you and others and to wave hello. These wristbands will help us to interact with one another as we all feel comfortable.
  • Can I sit wherever I want when I come to worship?
    • Every other pew in the sanctuary will be blocked off to allow for adequate spacing in the Sanctuary, but feel free to sit in any open pew!
  • Will we have Cookies and Conversation fellowship once we return?
    • We will! ….just with a few changes. We will switch from homemade treats to store bought goodies, we will have one person serving our treats, and we will fellowship outside in front of the church.
  • How many services will be offered?
    • For the time being we will offer one worship service at 11am.
  • Do you need any volunteers to help with in-person worship?
    • Always! We will need ushers, greeters, liturgists, cookies and conversation, and kid’s church helpers! Contact Pastor Cassie if you are willing and available!
  • What if I do not yet feel comfortable coming back in-person but still want to worship with St. Paul UMC?
    • We will continue to stream our worship service on our facebook page. Come when you are ready!