October 2nd, 2018
Day 1 – From Stewardship to Generosity
Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity. Luke 6: 38, The Message
Generosity is an aspect of character. The opposite of generosity is selfishness, self-centeredness,
greed, and self-absorption. No stories from Scripture tell of people living the God-related spiritual
life while fostering a greedy attitude. Generosity extends beyond merely the use of money,
although it most definitely includes that. There are generous spirits; generous souls; people who
are generous with their time, with their teaching, with their love. Generosity finds many biblical
sources, and is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). It sounds more organic, more generative,
less legalistic, less formal than stewardship. Generosity is not a spiritual attribute someone
acquires apart from the actual practice of giving. It becomes discernible through action. We never
describe people as generous who keep everything for themselves and only serve themselves.
Generosity focuses on the spiritual qualities of the giver, derived from the generosity of God,
rather than on the church’s need for money. One of these terms is not superior to the other.
Perhaps there are shades of differences in how they are perceived by young and old, those new to
the faith from those long-established in our churches. Using both wisely helps us reach people at
different places on the journey of faith.
 What has been your experience with the term “stewardship”? With “generosity”?
What’s the difference between them?
 Which most helpfully inspires your giving as you seek to grow in the image of God
and in service to Christ?